United we can Help AAFLC United we can Help AAFLC Help AAFLC is a partnership between, AAFLC, Cell Funds, and Creative Pros, as well as many other prominent business that want to help this great organizations.
Missing Children Rescued - Who the [Bleep] Did I Marry?
Leahlani Salinas - Rescued Leahlani Salinas - Rescued Leahlani Salinas was recovered on June 24, 2011. Her father John Salinas and The American Association for Lost Children were able to rescue her from Mexico.
Leahlani Salinas for Help AAFLC Cell phone collection helps AAFLC.
A rescue in Chicago

Every 40 Seconds

2,000 Missing Daily

49% Family Kidnapping



Help AAFLC by donating your new, old, broken, working or defective cellphones and batteries to AAFLC. Cell phone drive efforts powered by Cell Funds, a recycling and reclamation services company. Its very simple to help, if you have 10 or more phones, go to our website or call 866.874.6759 for a free shipping label and a FedEx pick up.

Help AAFLC with a cell phone colletion drive at your place of business or neighborhood. Its very simple, you can help by providing literature about AAFLC and our cause to any of your employees, customers or neighbors. Placing a designated collection area for them to recycle their cell phones for the drive, helps collect the most for AAFLC.

Purchase your I AM bracelet, and read the I AM poem to Help AAFLC. The poem was written for a missing child, for a press campaign to recover the child. Thanks to AAFLC the campaign never launched. Share them with family and friends! Let’s start spreading the news on how to bring these children home!


Help AAFLC by going to our new website and using the partner services that have been created to Help AAFLC raise funds. By simply using the services from the listed providers, a donation from 5% to 15% goes to Help AAFLC find missing and abducted children worldwide.

Become a volunteer with Help AAFLC or AAFLC, to directly help the cause that brings missing and abducted children home! If its in your heart to do more than just watch, this is for you!

Join our e-Cause blast and /or our newsletter campaign for future ways to Help AAFLC. Spreading the word helps everyone learn about our cause and how to help AAFLC, please tell everyone that you know!