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A word from the founder of HELP AAFLC:

When my daughter was abducted I knew the odds were against me, but I could have never imagined how hard it really was going to be. She was wrongfully taken from her home, her school, her family and friends. The harsh reality & problem is that his happens to a child every 40 seconds here in the United States. Every 40 seconds, parents like you and I are faced with the fact that we do not know where our child is. Are they safe? Are they scared? Have they eaten? Where could they be? When you start to search, you discover the undeniable truth that our Agencies are incapable to cooperate with each other for the bigger cause, and when it comes to international kidnappings, well our government is limited in helping us recover our children. You could know exactly where your child is, but without the proper help, you could lose your them forever. Many people do not understand that when a child is abducted how difficult it can be to get them back home, safe and where they belong. We understand. American Association for Lost Children makes the impossible, possible, with it’s proven child recovery methods and over 160 successful rescues.

American Association for Lost Children is the only organization that physically will help you find and rescue your child anywhere in the world, without a cost to the parent. We need this organization to grow and be blessed so that it may continue to change lives in a way that few non profit organizations can. When I got back home with my daughter Leahlani Salinas on June 25th, 2011, I knew that I would be dedicating my life to this amazing cause.

AAFLC has been rescuing children without the help of any Government grants, or private funding. It has been around for the past 25 years from the shear efforts of Mark Miller, the Founder of AAFLC, and the few amazing individuals that have become a part of the team. The gracious donations of many have helped AAFLC rescue over 160 children, including my daughter. They make a real difference, directly changing the lives of many since its initial child rescue in 1987. Reason why we need to help. I beg of you to ask your family, friends and co workers to HELP AAFLC, we need every person to tell the other about this cause, and to find a way to help us rescue more children. I ask you to please find it in your heart to give another child the chance to come home and have a normal life, as they rightfully deserve. I ask that you step up to this cause and help, by doing so you will directly change the lives of the ones successfully rescued from this traumatic and life altering experience.  This organization can only create miracles with your help, so please help today.

There will be miracles.
Thank you,




John Salinas

Director of West Coast Operations | AAFLC

Vice President | Cell Funds

President | Creative Pros

A word from the founder of AAFLC:

These innocent children, having been abducted, are the victims. No longer do they have a life or a childhood. They are made to hide and live in constant fear of being discovered. Frequently their names are changed and their identity is taken away from them. Many times they are told their mom or dad is dead or that they no longer want them.

Still other children, found by American Association for Lost Children, have been sexually abused, some of whom are as young as two years old. Due to the nature of these cases, AAFLC usually requires that a felony warrant be issued against the abductor before getting involved.Most parents have to bear the burden of finding their child and being “lost in the system” by themselves. AAFLC has been helping and rescuing children from the United States for the past 25 and will keep doing so for as long as our mission allows us to.

Reason why this website has been created, we need help in raising funds for our cause, and we have made it simple for anyone to help. So please tell your friends, co-workers and family members to help us bring the missing children home by helping AAFLC today.Share us, Like Us, Twitter Us, help us, but whatever you do don’t forget about the missing children.

AAFLC operates strictly on donations and your help is appreciated.

Thank you,

Mark Miller

Founder | AAFLC