I am..

I am a child.

I am small, I am weak, I am innocent.

If you look into my eyes, I look like any other child.

A canvas to build dreams on…

Innocent adventure, growing every day..

But I am not like other children inside.  There is a truth behind my eyes that goes unseen.

I am a child that once had a name, a life, a family, a home.

I am a child being deprived of my right to learn, grow, thrive….

I am a child in hiding.  I am living a lie.  I have been robbed of everything I knew, without my consent.

I have been robbed of my life. I have been displaced.  I am screaming inside, but quiet out-side, there is no one to hear me, because I no longer exist.

I am keeping secrets.  I am afraid.

What is my name, who am I now?

I have been taken from what I know, what I love.

I am a child, who had a child’s trust… unconditional and free

I am a child who must be something I am not.  I must become something I am not ready to be.

I am hurting, sad, lost….

Can someone tell me what I have become?

Can someone give me back my name?

The truth is, I am no longer a child.